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Mandatory Trainings

In an effort to maintain compliance with Mandatory Employee Training for public school district employees, we have enrolled you in the online JPA Learning Library for the following courses:

1.      California AB 1342 2017-2018 - Mandated Reporter (no more than 120 minutes)

2.      Preventing Sexual Misconduct (no more than 90 minutes)

3.      Bloodborne Pathogens Awareness (no more than 30 minutes)

Each course has a short video, followed by a multiple choice assessment exam.  You may work on the classes in the convenience of your own home.  If you are unable to complete a course in one sitting, you have the option to save your progress and return to it at a later time.  Once completed, we will have a record of your transcript and update your personnel file.  There is no need to print any documents

*Please note that 9 and 10 month classified employees will be paid up to four hours for completing these trainings. Please submit a timesheet to payroll.  
1) Go to: JPA Learning Library

2) To LOGIN, use the following information:

Your email is:

Your PASSWORD is: welcome

The first time you log in to the system, you will be prompted to reset your password.

3)  Once you are logged in click on My Trainings.  You will see your list of assigned training courses.  Click on the Green play button on the right-hand side to start each course


Trouble Logging In?  Contact:

Please include your email (