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The five members of the Board of Education are elected by the voters and are committed to providing the best educational programs for all students. The Board is responsible for overall operation of the District. Board of Education meetings are normally held the second Tuesday of each month. All regular meetings are open to the public. Copies of the agenda are posted at each school site, at the Lemon Grove School District Office, and on the District’s website prior to each meeting.



Term ends:  November 2022

Currently open for appointment.

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Picture of Cheryl Robertson

Mrs. Cheryl Robertson


Term ends:  November 2024

Cheryl is a passionate educator and a mother of four boys. She and her husband Brian moved to Lemon Grove in 2014 and began growing their family. Their values are founded in a sense of community and they are working to better the lives, not just of their children, but all of our children.

Leaving a career in the tech industry, Cheryl returned to school in search of a greater purpose. While there, she became a founding leader of the SDSU Student Ability Network, an organization founded on the idea of finding the leader in every individual by focusing on their strengths! She began teaching in 2013 under an emergency credential. In 2014, she received her education specialist instruction credential from San Diego State University, continuing her work as a teacher for students with disabilities.

Education has always been a big part of Cheryl’s life, and she strongly believes that our success as a community depends upon the success of our youth. She is dedicated to the growth of all students on an individual level and strongly encourages parent and teacher participation. She is committed to community involvement in the governing process, and hopes you will feel comfortable sharing both your ideas and concerns with her.

Yajaira Preciado Image

Mrs. Yajaira Preciado


Term ends:  November 2024

Yajaira Preciado grew up in Lemon Grove. She attended San Miguel School, Lemon Grove Middle School, and Helix Charter School. Mrs. Preciado earned her Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from San Diego State University. She has two beautiful Lemon Grove Leaners with her now husband and best friend since 3rd grade. 

In 2015, Mrs. Preciado began her tenure with the Lemon Grove School District as a Parent Volunteer Coordinator at Monterey Heights School. Prior to this, she worked for the YWCA of San Diego as a case manager for Becky's House Transitional Housing, a program advocating for women and children who have survived domestic violence.

Mrs. Preciado's accolades include volunteering for the PTA, School Site Council, ELAC, and the Lemon Grove Little League. During her time on the Governing Board, her focus is to create a culture of collaboration where all employees, parents, students, and the community are partners in shaping the schools Lemon Grove students deserve.


Mr. Timothy Shaw
Board Member


Term ends:  November 2022

Tim was born in Los Angeles, California and graduated from Garey High School in Pomona, California. Tim received his Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies (1983) and has an elementary credential from San Diego State University. Then in 1993 earned his Master's Degree from San Diego State University (SDSU) in Middle School Instruction and Curriculum. Inspired to serve more students, Tim again returned to school and earned his school counseling degree from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) in 2000.

Tim and his wife, Toni, have been married for more than thirty years, moved to Lemon Grove more than twenty years ago, and have three daughters: Lisha, Micah, and Kayla, who are all graduates of Lemon Grove Schools. Toni was an active PTA member all during Lisha, Micah, and Kayla's time in school. Tim was desiring to make an impact upon the Lemon Grove Community, when an opening on the Lemon Grove School Board became available. He interviewed and was appointed to the Board in May of 2002, and was elected to serve his first term in November of 2002. Tim was re-elected to continue serving on the Lemon Grove School Board in 2006, 2010, and 2014.

Tim is presently a high school counselor for the San Diego Unified School District; Crawford High School. Currently, he serves on the Advisory Board of San Diego State's Enrollment Management Committee, and is an annual presenter at the East County Young Men's Conference. In addition, Tim is a member of the PTA, serves on the Calendar Committee, serves on the DBAC/LCAC Committee for the Lemon Grove School District, is the ministry leader of the Education Department and is an usher at the Bayview Baptist Church in San Diego.



April Leon

Mr. Greg Shibley
Board Member


Term ends:  November 2022

Greg Shibley is originally from the Bay Area. Mr. Shibley re-located to San Diego in the mid '90s to attend UCSD. During his tenure, he earned a Bachelor's degree in Linguistics. Mr. Shibley would go on to teach English as a Second Language in La Jolla as well as in Brazil and Japan. He continued with his education, attending California Western School of Law and practicing in San Diego until 2013. As an entrepreneur, Mr. Shibley now manages his own entertainment company. He currently resides in Lemon Grove with his wife and two children.

In addition to his work and his family, Mr. Shibley is an active member of the Lions Club and hosts Shine on Lemon Grove, a podcast that showcases local business owners and discusses local current events.