Distance Learning

Welcome to the instructional resource page developed to provide families in the Lemon Grove School District support during Distance Learning. 
If you have any questions about the district's learning plan, live interaction with your child's teacher, or need support with assignments, please contact your child's teacher directly via e-mail, Class Dojo, or Google Classroom. If you have concerns about communication or non-responsiveness from your child's teacher, you should then contact your school principal. Finally, if you do not receive the support you are seeking from the teacher or principal, please contact the district at communications@lemongrovesd.net or by calling 619-825-5600.
Bienvenido a la página de recursos instructivos que ha sido desarrollada para proporcionar apoyo a las familias del distrito escolar de Lemon Grove durante el periodo de tiempo en que las escuelas están cerradas.   
Si usted tiene preguntas acerca del plan educativo del distrito, acerca de las interacciones en directo con el maestro de su hijo o bien necesita apoyo con asignaciones, por favor contacte directamente con el maestro de su hijo a través de correo electrónico/email, Class Dojo o Google Classroom. Si tiene alguna preocupación relacionada con la comunicación o con la falta de respuesta por parte del maestro de su hijo,  usted debería contactar con el Director de su escuela. Y si finalmente usted no recibe el apoyo que está buscando del maestro o del Director, por favor contacte con el distrito a través de communications@lemongrovesd.net o bien llamando al 619-825-5600. 
CLICK HERE to access our district webpage with links to a variety of instructional websites approved by LGSD for quality instructional content.
LGSD is resolved to do everything we can to physically reopen our schools when it is allowable to do so because we believe doing so is in the best interest of our students. And yet, we recognize that we need to find a pathway for physically reopening schools safely with the health and well-being of our entire community in mind.  As a result, LGSD schools will open on August 26th in a full distance learning phase. We will provide a 4-week advance notice to families, when it is safe to return to in-person instruction at the school site.
Please read the full "Roadmap for Reopening" guide developed by LGSD. It provides a wealth of information to parents about how we will operate in Distance Learning, Hybrid Learning, Full Return, and Virtual Academy.
Distance Learning Town Hall Meeting for Parents (8/24/20) - English
Distance Learning Town Hall Meeting for Parents (8/24/20) - Spanish
Distance Learning Overview - Board Meeting Presentation (8/11/20)
Distance Learning - Virtual Academy Program for 2020-2021 (7/29/20) - English and Spanish:
District Technology Support Program for Distance Learning (8/11/20)
Child Nutrition Services (Student Meals) for Distance Learning (8/11/20)
Attendance Support for Students and Families in Distance Learning 
Attendance Support for Students and Families in Distance Learning (Spanish)
Class Dojo for Parents (English)
Class Dojo Parents (Spanish)
Changing the language on Class Dojo (Spanish)/ Como caviar el idioma en Class Dojo (español)
The Lemon Grove School District wants every child to have a dedicated device to use for distance learning. Any families that currently do not have a dedicated device for each child enrolled in the Lemon Grove School District are highly encouraged to complete the Chromebook Request form. 
Families completing the form that indicate that they do not have home internet are encouraged to complete the Cox Connect 2 Compete application form.  The district will ensure every family has access to the internet at home, please contact us and we can help you!
Any families that would like help completing the Cox Connect 2 Compete form can reach out to the Lemon Grove School District by emailing helpdesk@lemongrovesd.net or by calling 619-825-5600, ext. 3000.  
El distrito escolar de Lemon Grove requiere que cada niño tenga un dispositivo dedicado para usar durante el aprendizaje a distancia. Se recomienda ampliamente a todas las familias que actualmente no tienen un dispositivo para cada niño inscrito en el distrito escolar de Lemon Grove que completen el formulario de solicitud de Chromebook Chromebook Request.
Las familias que completen el formulario y no cuenten con internet en casa se les alienta a completar el formulario de Cox Connect 2 Compete.  
Cualquier familia que desee ayuda para completar el formulario Cox Connect 2 Compete puede comunicarse con el Distrito Escolar de Lemon Grove enviando un correo electrónico a helpdesk@lemongrovesd.net o llamando al número 619-825-5600 ext. 3000.