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Workout Wednesdays!

Workout Wednesday: Family Ice Skating

The Salvation Army Kroc Community Center

Enjoy a nice day or evening out with the family at the Kroc Center Ice Arena. The Kroc Center Ice Arena offers public ice skating sessions, introductory ice skating classes, youth in-house hockey, ice parties, and more. Weekday and weekend admissions including skate rentals are only $10 for most sessions. Take advantage of Wednesday Night Skating for a $5 special all throughout November and December!
$5 Special for Wednesday Night Skating
10:30 am - 12:15 pm and 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Kroc Crops Community Center Image result for kroc ice arena san diego
6737 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92115
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To plan a time, check out the Kroc Ice Arena's November and December Public Ice Skating Calendar below!

Let's Get Physical!

Make physical fitness a priority by involving the whole family to join the fun! Experts recommend children participate in physical activity of moderate to vigorous intensity at least 60 minutes daily to increase health benefits and improve well-being. Parents and children choosing a time out of the week for indoor or outdoor activities is a good way to encourage both exercise time and family time as well.
To assist families with ideas on the different types of physical activity, please use the following chart and resources below as a reference.
Moderate Physical Activity
Vigorous Physical Activity
Brisk walking  Race walking, jogging or running
Nature walk (3 to 4 miles per hour) Hiking uphill
Bicycling light effort (less than 10 miles per hour) Bicycling Fast (more than 10 miles per hour)
Recreational activity (e.g. bad minton) Athletic game (e.g. basketball, soccer, etc...)
Tennis (doubles) Tennis (singles)
Water aerobics Swimming laps
Dancing (e.g. ballroom) Jumping Rope
General gardening Heavy gardening (e.g. digging)
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