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Staff Wellness Challenges - January to May 2019

With a little planning and intention, maintaining (or even starting) healthy habits during the new year can be fun and easy.  

This January, we invite you to join us for a series of monthly  Wellness Challenge – a month-long series of guided wellness practices to help you move more, eat better, sleep soundly, and feel great.  

The first month long Lemon Grove School District Staff Wellness Challenge will kick off on January 10th, and conclude on Friday, February 1st.

How it Works:

Each month we'll reveal a set of five wellness challenges to attempt during the month.

The monthly challenge set will be posted on the district website on the Employee Wellness Webpage and communicated to all staff via e-mail.  

Each challenge in the monthly set will be worth between 1 and 10 points. Complete the challenges to collect the points!   

At the end of the month, tally your points to collect your secret prize!

January Theme - Physical Activity and Movement

February Theme - Nutrition and Healthy Eating

March Theme - Healthy Sleep

May Theme - Social-Emotional Wellness

Overall Winners - combined point totals for participating in all the monthly challenges.

LGSD Staff Wellness Challenge Month 1 (January to February)

This post is part of our first monthly Lemon Grove School District Staff Wellness Challenge, highlighting healthy ways to celebrate and enjoy the new year at home, school and work.
Welcome to Month 1 of the Lemon Grove School District Staff Wellness Challenge! We’re excited you’re here! This month - January 14th to February 8th, is all about increasing your physical activity and movement.
We know that exercising is one of the most important things we can do for our health. Research shows that engaging in regular physical activity can strengthen our bones and muscles, reduce our risk of disease, and improve our mental health and mood. Not to mention, exercising can be a whole lot of fun, too!
This month’s challenges are designed to remind you that with a little creativity and intention, physical activity can happen anytime and anywhere.
Remember, the rules are simple: complete as many challenges as you can before the end of the month and collect the corresponding number of points for each completed challenge. At the end of the month, tally up your points to collect your secret prize!
Every staff member who participates will receive a prize that supports your wellness journey. In addition, every staff member who completes all of the challenges, plus the bonus challenges will receive an additional reward!
Are you ready to get started? Let’s go!
Challenge #1: Add a Minute of Movement to Your Day (1 pt possible every day you complete the activity)
Every bit of movement matters. This month, find a new way to add an extra minute of physical activity to your day. Get creative: take the stairs instead of the elevator, do 10 walking lunges en route to your next destination, park in the parking spot farthest from where you enter the school everyday, or try a Fitness Break.
Challenge #2: Play an Active Group Game (5 pts)
Play is a form of exercise! Gather a group of students, friends, family members, or coworkers for a quick round of Four Corner Rock-Paper-Scissors or try your hand at an Obstacle Course Fitness Trail. The fun and movement will have a mood-boosting effect that will leave everyone feeling relaxed and energized! You can find more ideas for group activities in our Physical Activities Resources Hub.
Challenge #3: Strike a Pose (3pts)
Can you master each of these challenging yoga poses? Practice each one until you can hold the pose for 30 seconds.
Challenge #4: Walk or Bike to School or Work (5 pts)
Swap the car or bus one day this month for a more active form of transportation, like walking or biking. The fresh air and extra movement will help you feel alert and energized to begin your day! Follow these steps from the National Center for Safe Routes to School to find the safest route to your destination. If walking or biking isn’t feasible, consider parking further from your destination or taking a slightly longer route on public transportation to add in a few extra steps!
Challenge #5: Stretch Every Day (5 pts)
Regular stretching can improve your circulation and help prevent injury. Set aside 10 minutes each day to give your body a good s-t-r-e-t-c-h. Get started with theseflexibility exercises from the American Heart Association.
Bonus Round
Earn extra points by completing one—or both—of the bonus challenges below:
Bonus Challenge #1:
Recruit a friend or family member to join the challenge (10 pts)
Bonus Challenge #2:
Show us how you’re getting active each week! Post a photo on social media with the hashtags #LGSDWellness and #LemonGroveLearner (2 pts for each post)
Total Points Possible for Month 1: 103 points
How to track and report your points:
1. Use this log to keep track of all your earned points throughout the month. Link to printable log to keep track of your accomplishments:
2. At the end of the month, please use this online form to report all of your completed challenges, record your points and earn your reward! Link to report challenge data:
Available Resources and Perks for Increasing your Physical Activity!
Receive 1 month free membership to Body by Discipline
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We have 25 1-month memberships available to Lemon Grove School District Staff. to claim your free 1-month membership.
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Receive 1-month free membership to Spears Academy of Tae-Kwon Do
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We have 40 1-month memberships available to Lemon Grove School District Staff. to claim your free 1-month membership.
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Sign-up for a discounted membership with 24-Hour Fitness in Lemon Grove.
Enter your corporate ID: 93628
Note - Open to all employees of LGSD.
Free ZUMBA Classes - open to everyone in the community!
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights at 6:00pm, at the San Altos Auditorium. Come ready to dance!
HEAL Zone - “See you Saturday” at the Lemon Grove Academy Athletic Field
Free Bootcamp - open to all community members every Saturday morning!
January 5th - February 9th (starts at 9:00 am)