CAASAS » Committee on African American Student Achievement and Success

Committee on African American Student Achievement and Success


In collaboration, we (CAASAS) will advocate, engage, and empower all LGSD stakeholders to strengthen asset based resources, systems, and practices, for Black, African American, and Pan-African students and families, creating a high quality education experience.

Goal 1 - Black Student Excellence: Increase the academic achievement of Black students.
Goal 2 - Black Parent & Community Engagement: Increase the number of Black parents engaging with their school or district committees.
Goal 3 - Black Parent & Student Advocacy: Inform Black parents about CAASAS as a method to advocate for resources and programs to support Black student achievement and success.
Goal 4 - Formalize Black Parent input into district policies, strategic planning and resources allocation





Timothy Shaw LGSD School Board Trustee
Cheryl Robertson LGSD School Board Trustee
Joe Smith Consultant Facilitator
Tamara Muhammad LGAM Principal
Azucena Garcia LGSD Parent Engagement TOSA
Sharyl Bailey LGAM Science Teacher
Cheryl Carr LGAM English Teacher
Jackie Jourdane San Altos Elem. Teacher
Rosaland Turner Monterey Heights Principal
Melvetta Owens Pre-K Program Director
Erica Balakian District Office Superintendent