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Speech Language Team

What do Speech and Language Pathologists (SLP's) do? 
  • Provide language and speech (LAS) services to students with IEP’s, which may look like: increasing phonological awareness, improving social pragmatic skills and language, improving articulation, increasing vocabulary and improving grammar, etc.
  • Conduct speech and language evaluations to determine if a student requires speech services in order to access the general education curriculum, identify strengths & needs with language, and/or determine progress with LAS IEP goals
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Who are our Speech and Language Pathologists?

Name School E-mail
Allison Schwartz - Lead SLP LGAM; Mt Vernon [email protected]
Joseph Riedel San Altos [email protected]
Daniela Vidas Preschool [email protected]
Stefanie Suzuki San Miguel [email protected]
Dawn Friend LGAE [email protected]
Anna Meitz Vista la Mesa [email protected]
Elizabeth Stratton Monterey Heights [email protected]