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Family and Community Engagement (FACE)

It is essential for schools, parents, and community stakeholders to partner, for the success of all Lemon Grove learners. Parents are their children's first teacher. To that end, we know families play one of the most important roles in providing support and building the academic confidence of their children. This is why Lemon Grove School District is committed to building sustainable and impactful relationships with families and the community. Let's build something great, together.
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Meet the FACE Team members
School Parent Volunteer Coordinators (PVC's)
School PVC Email Phone #
Vacant Vacant TBA
Daily 8:30-10:30 & 1-2pm
 Emma Rios [email protected] 619-825-5637 ext. 5682
Daily 7:45-11:45am
Vacant Vacant 619-825-5628 ext. 2103
Monterey Heights
Daily 8:30am-12:15pm
 Carina Cendejas [email protected] 619-825-5633 ext. 2451
Mount Vernon
Daily, Time: TBA
 Irene Cervantes-Vasquez [email protected] 619-825-5613 ext. 2861
San Altos
Daily, Time: TBA
 Donaji Catalan [email protected] 619-825-5621 ext. TBD
San Miguel
Varies Daily (8am-11:45am)
 Maria Hidalgo [email protected] 619-825-5619 ext. 2528
Vista La Mesa Academy
Daily 8am-11:45am
 Micky Quach [email protected]  619-825-5645 ext. 2325
Parent Engagement Leads (PELs)
School PEL Email Phone #
LGA-Elementary TBD   619-825-5637 ext. TBD
LGA-Middle TBD   619-825-5628
Monterey Heights TBD   619-825-5633
Mount Vernon TBD   619-825-5613 
San Altos TBD   619-825-5621 
San Miguel TBD   619-825-5619 
Vista La Mesa Academy TBD    619-825-5645
Site Community Liaisons
Dana Hosley Raquel Lopez
*Lemon Grove Academy Middle *Lemon Grove Academy Elementary
*San Miguel Elementary *Monterey Heights STEAM Academy
San Altos Elementary *Mount Vernon Elementary
Vista La Mesa Early Childhood Education Center
* Denotes Community School
Joe Smith
Servant Leader (Director) - Community Schools  & Family and Community Engagement
619 825 5600 ext 2617