Superintendent & Leadership

Erica Balakian
Executive Communications and Administrative Specialist | Laura McLin
Ms. Erica Balakian joined Lemon Grove School District in October 2017 as the Executive Director of General Services. She was appointed by the Board to the Superintendent role in June 2019. She is an enthusiastic, student-centered leader with 20+ years of experience in K-12 public education - advancing academic achievement, educational equity, and operational excellence. She is a team builder with an accomplished record of performance in all facets of operations, developing collaborative partnerships, cultivating improved institutional practices, and promoting innovative solutions and dialogue. She is a proud graduate of our local schools and universities: Lincoln High School, Cal State San Marcos (BA Economics) and San Diego State University (MBA). She is a passionate, lifelong learner committed to the Lemon Grove School District and our mission to educate and elevate our diverse community of learners.
Rebecca Burton
Executive Director - Student Services & Special Education
Program Secretary | Rebecca Del Toro
Mrs. Rebecca Burton has worked as a district special education leader for 7 years, and her favorite part of this work is collaborating and working with all team members to achieve wonderful things for our students and families, especially our most vulnerable students. Her work in education started as a teacher at a small special education school in Baja, California in 2006, where she also was a house parent for students with special needs. This really incredible time gave her the spark and passion for learning how to support all learners, all people, from any background; so she eventually went back to LA to earn a Master's in Special Education and Education Specialist credential. From there, she spent most of my years teaching middle school and high school, both as a General Education teacher and Special Education teacher, doing anything from mod-sev programs to co-teaching in high school ELA. She transitioned into district leadership in 2014, because she saw an opportunity to be an advocate for school educators of all roles, so that together, they could build work spaces that work better for all students. She really looks forward to getting to know our team, students and families here in Lemon Grove! In her spare time, you will find her reading like a maniac, going to parks with her husband Joe, daughter Sadie and our dogs, and on a special occasion getting out for some horseback riding. 

Teresa Moudry
Executive Director - Human Resources
Executive Communications and Administrative Specialist | Laura McLin 
Mrs. Teresa Moudry first moved to Lemon Grove in 1994 when her military family was relocated and has lived in the two military housing developments in this area before purchasing a home near San Altos.  Her husband served 27 years in the Navy and they are a proud military family. The military tradition continues as her children are current members of the United States Air Force. She began teaching preschool in 1998 for the YMCA in City Heights and was hired in Lemon Grove to open the preschool at Mount Vernon in 2002.  In 2005, she began teaching 2nd grade at Mount Vernon, after earning a Masters in Education from Azusa Pacific University. As every lifelong learner, she returned to school again in 2007 and earned her Masters in Educational Leadership as well as an administrative credential in 2009.  From there, she was transferred to San Altos in 2010 into a combination classroom with first and second graders. Her love of leadership and collaborating with teachers called her to become a Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) in 2014 specializing in Blended Learning and Technology Integration.  She played a key role in staff development by providing training and coaching to all teachers on staff. As a Google certified trainer she was instrumental in leading the district staff in the transition to Google.  In addition, she has served as multiple district positions including administrator designee, grant writer, special education summer school teacher and administrator, as well as serving on many teacher leadership committees such as curriculum, restorative practice, health and wellness, and technology. 

Marianna Vinson
Executive Director - Educational Services
Administrative Secretary | Autumn Cropp
Marianna Vinson is a first-generation college graduate who started her teaching career in San Diego county after graduating from Stanford University.  After receiving advanced degrees from San Diego State University and National University, Marianna became a principal and then a district leader, including serving as Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services for a district in Riverside County.  In 2014 Marianna was hired by the White House to serve as Deputy Director for the Office of English Language Acquisition at the U.S. Department of Education in Washington D.C.  During that appointment she led English Learner services for the nation and was involved in the reauthorization of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).  Most recently, Marianna has served as a consultant and coach for InnovateEd, building culture, capacity and coherence in school districts across the state.  Marianna grew up in the south bay and looks forward to serving the students and staff of Lemon Grove.  She and her husband have two high-school aged children. 

Sheree Stopper
Chief Business Official (CBO)
Business Services
District Bilingual Receptionist | Olivia Lopez
Ms. Sheree Stopper has proudly served the students, staff, parents and community of Lemon Grove School District since January 2018. She was appointed as the Chief Business Official in July of 2019. In the CBO role, Ms. Stopper oversees Fiscal Services, Maintenance and Operations Services, Technology and Network Services, Child Nutrition Services, and the Extended Day Program (EDP). Prior to coming to Lemon Grove School District she began her career in public education with the San Diego County Office of Education as the Payroll Services Manager, in which she provided technical expertise and advisory services regarding payroll administration to the County Office, School Districts, Community Colleges, and Charter Schools. In August 2018, Ms. Stopper earned her Chief Business Official (CBO) certification through the the California Association of School Business Officials (CASBO). Additionally, she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Pacific University, and a Master of Science focused in Taxation from National University.