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 Are you a Lemon Grove Learner? 
Academic success for each child is our primary goal, and we work to create a healthy environment that allows children to learn and grow into the leaders of tomorrow.  By working with our community, we can ensure that our children will be equipped to make their world a better place and leave a positive legacy for future generations. 
Schools provide a unique setting to improve physical activity and nutrition habits. As school time gets tight with competing priorities, schools need to protect the value that physical activity and nutrition play in the overall success of students.
Experts agree that the causes of childhood overweight are multidimensional. To address this, the Lemon Grove School District has strategies for change at the individual, environmental, and policy levels.
To access our wellness policy, click on the link here!


How can we promote wellness among our students and staff?
Student Focused: 
  • Create nutritional and movement experiences across the curriculum and in the classroom that encourage and motivate health and well-being.
  • Provide multiple opportunities for students to engage in activities to improve their well-being, social and emotional health, and positively impact their academic performance.
  • Provide healthy food choices, eliminate processed snacks, and increase the offerings of whole fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
Staff Focused:
  • Provide multiple opportunities for staff to improve their knowledge about wellness and to engage in physical activities and healthy eating in order to improve their well-being, reduce stress, and positively impact their quality of life.

How can we create a healthier school environment?
Increase fruit and vegetable consumption strategies:
  • School offers free breakfast meals with healthful options
  • School provides fresh fruits and vegetables during lunch
  • School serves or sells snacks including fruit and/or vegetable options
Decrease sweetened food and beverage consumption strategies:
  • Allow students to bring water and healthy food to school
  • Celebrate at school without food, snacks or sugary drinks
  • Encourage water and milk consumption
  • Minimize juice servings to 4-6 oz portions 

Increase physical activity strategies:
  • School provides daily recess
  • School provides 200 minutes of PE every 10 school days
  • Encourage adults to organize physical activity opportunities after school
Increase student, parent, and staff nutrition education strategies:
  • Provide ongoing nutrition education to students, families, and staff
  • Provide easy access to regularly updated menus
  • School website offers weekly health and wellness tips 
  • Parents and staff model healthy eating habits